Committed to Excellence

As the process industry in North America evolves, so does Fortress. Our team is once again expanding to meet a need for independent site supervision working directly for  the client. Our mission is to represent your interests on site by ensuring safety, efficiency, quality control and cost management.

Our focus will always be safe and efficient work! We will endeavor to be proactive, prevent delays and to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget to the maximum possible extent. On a daily basis we will report on construction progress and cost versus schedule and budget.

Construction Site Management Team

The Success of Your Project

Our Construction Site Management Team will typically consist of a Site or Project Manager or Managers, Quality Control / Welding Inspector(s) and if applicable an administrative assistant and Safety Supervisor(s). Our key deliverables will include:

  • Safe Work
  • Design and Constructibility Review
  • Organization & Time Management
  • Daily Reporting & Tracking of Costs
  • Quality Control & Documentation

We will provide accountable expertise based on the following key deliverables:

Safe Work

  • Daily safe work permits documenting every activity
  • Qualification audit – documentation of all tickets etc. for all personnel on site
  • When appropriate a Safety Supervisor Design and Construct-ability Review
  • Review of Engineering drawings, process, pipe & materials list, welding inches, crane & lift requirements, space requirements & site plan, etc.
  • Review applicable codes; ensure code books and documentation available on site
  • Review construction timetable, bid documents & assess reasonableness
  • Check prior to construction that all required services, contractors, and materials are procured and available

Organization & Time Management

  • Daily tracking of progress versus schedule
  • Early identification of long lead time / critical items and proactive prevention of delay
  • Tracking and minimizing of overtime and discussion with client of any necessary extras

Daily Reporting & Tracking of Costs

  • Submission of a daily report for previous day activity highlighting progress by element or discipline with photographic record
  • Daily cost spreadsheet, regular updates of total cost versus budget by element or discipline

Quality Control & Documentation

  • Preparation of job books based on client preference
  • Copies of QC documentation, weld inspection & mapping, material specs & certification, material and equipment tests, instrument proof and calibration
  • A photographic record documenting job from start to finish